Selecting a Generator Size

Selecting a generator size.

If you are thinking of adding a generator to power an air-conditioning unit to an existing trailer or planning on ordering one soon from a trailer dealer.

A 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit will draw 13.5 amps on initial start up. Check the amperage on the unit you are thinking of using. This will help you in determining the size generator to use.

The 14″x14″roof vent whole is the exact size hole the roof a/c units need to drop into the roof. First you will need to brace the roof on each side of the whole that the a/c fits into. Fabricate a bolt in roof cross member or have a repair facility weld some roof x members into place.  You are also going to need the 110 volt power line running from the a/c box to the 30 amp breaker box installed in your trailer.  If you are ordering this option the factory will hide the wiring behind wall panels. If you are installing on a trailer you have now, you will need to run conduit or tear the trailer apart and maybe give a facelift appearance.

If you install an air conditioning unit on your trailer (13,500 BTU) you will need a minimum of a 5500 watt generator to start that a/c unit. This is just the initial draw and not the running amps needed to cool the trailer. It is the initial start up that draws the most power.

If you install 2- 13,500 a/c units you will have to start them one at a time as not to overload the generator. Each generator will draw 13.5 amp on initial start-up. If you are planning on starting 2- 13,500 BTU A/C units at the same time, you will need in excess of 7000 watt generator.

Always calculate the energy in amps needed to run the equipment in your trailer. The last thing you need is not enough power to accomplish your job.