Oxidation of Aluminum

We only use virgin aluminum alloys in our trailers. People sometimes get discouraged when they buying a new trailer and after a while, that trailer looses its new luster finish.  A lot of people will buy aluminum polishing products and with a lot of elbow grease can bring back that new looking shine. That polished trailer however will only stay polished for a short period and once again the oxidation takes over and we are back to the dull looking trailer.

Why doesn’t it stay polished? Oxidation is a natural process where the raw aluminum creates a coating called oxidation to help protect its self from the elements.  Just as a human can cut themselves and the healing process covers the wound with a scab and new skin is formed to replace the damaged skin. Aluminum will do the same thing. If you scratch the aluminum, it will oxidize over that scratch to protect itself from the elements.

Oxidation thus provides a protective coating to the virgin aluminum and also adds strength to the frame.

Oxidation is not rotting your trailer. Its helping it.

Oxidation is good for your trailer.