General Maintenance

Cargo Trailer Only


Wheels should be washed and waxed periodically. Aluminum rims have a clear coat on them so they will last longer through harsh conditions. Make sure you use a very gentle cleaning compound so it will not hurt your rims. Never use any cleaner that contains lye or is acid-based. If you use a lye- or acid-based cleaner, it will ruin the finish of your rims.


Check your door hinges every 3,000 miles or 3 months. If your trailer has a ramp door, please do not attempt to adjust the ramp cable or spring. All repairs or adjustments must be performed by experienced door service personnel only. WARNING: The spring-assist on ramp doors can cause serious injury or death.

Exterior Aluminum Skin

Please treat the outside of the trailer as you would your car. Use mild soap when washing, and if you desire to wax, use an automotive-type wax. Proper care and maintenance will ensure your trailer’s color and the durability of its finish.


To keep your floor in tip-top shape, avoid prolonged exposure to water. For example, the snow and ice melting off your snowmobile, ATV, or automobile could cause floor damage. To make your floor last longer, you could paint it with an oil-based enamel. This would not only add protection, but would also help aid in cleaning up spills.


Inspect your roof at least once a year. If you live where heavy snow conditions exist, do not let ice and snow build up on your roof. Do not haul items on your roof if you do not have roof racks.