Exterior Aluminum Skin that looks wavy in the sun light

If you have a trailer, it doesn’t have to be aluminum, it can be steel framed with the aluminum skin on the outside , where the exterior looks terrible when sitting in the sunlight. The aluminum skin looks extremely wavy and is caused by the expansion of the metal due to the heating and absorbing of heat.  One way to get rid of this look it to order your trailer in white aluminum exterior skin. The white reflects the heat and doesn’t wave as bad. The darker colors absorb the heat and expand. If you upgrade from the standard .030 aluminum skin to a heavier .040 or even .050 this will greatly reduce the ripple effect on the outside of your trailer. When you choose the epoxy or screw less exterior over the screwed exterior this too helps in reducing the ripple effect.  When you have a screwed side, there is pressure at every screw point and then a gap until you come to the next screw. This gap allows for expansion, but when you have a seam that is 100% glued down. This eliminates the gap and therefore less expansion ripples.  Notice when the sun goes down, your ripples go away.